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Neil Mick
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Michael Neal (virginia_kyu) wrote:
The Palestinians are suffering because of their own leadership. As soon as they realize this and do something about then they may have a brighter future.
With all due respect, you are ignorant of the facts, if you truly believe this, Michael. I will be happy to counter such unsubstantiated claims with documentation if you like, but I suspect that no matter what I say, your mind is made up. But at least, let me ask you this: have you ever met someone who has lived in Palestine? If not (and I strongly suspect that this is the case), then who are you to say what is best for Palestine? (BTW, in case you're wondering, I have spoken to both Palestinians AND Israeli's, and some of the problem IS due to poor leadership, but that is not the core of the problem)

The Palestinians are suffering because of an occupying army that has no restraints upon its violations of human rights and international law. You can disagree with my opinion all you like, but you cannot disagree with the facts: the Israeli army has violated the Geneva Convention and international law...often using our weapons and with the complicity of the US government. Certainly, the US has done its best to squelch any dissent within the UN about Israel's activities in Palestine.

Colleen, I so agree with you: it IS nice that we can express our differing opinions in this country. Freedom of speech is what makes this country great. However, I do not share your faith in the political process (the President, for example, was elected by a minority, decided by a state governed by his brother, where many ballots in African-American-dominated counties were not counted). Nor do I feel that writing to my Senator (Dianne Feinstein??) will do much good.

However, being an informed citizen, questioning authority (BTW: any of you ppl enrolled in TIPPS can stop dialing the Homeland Security Office...I oppose all forms of violence as a means to political ends) and fighting to preserve these freedoms is not is patriotism in its most basic form.
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