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Re: Painless Techniques and Learning Aikido

Larry Novick wrote: View Post
People train differently. Styles vary. Content is vastly different sometimes. Even principles, and how they are implemented, can be very different. In the end, I believe that there are many different arts that are called Aikido and can be traced back to Ueshiba - but to me, they are very different arts.

In my art that is called Aikido, pain has absolutely no place, from the start as I said. Personal choice, inclination, and training. Not for everyone. Not right or wrong. But in my dojo, if a technique causes pain, it is being done improperly. In another dojo, that wouldn't be the case - as it might be that there, something that I do might be deemed improper.... etc.
Dear Mr Novick,
You indicate that in your Aikido there is no place for pain.Can you tell me how you deal with /accommodate a person who as nage cranks on a powerful technique on you?
Cheers, Joe.
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