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Re: Painless Techniques and Learning Aikido

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I don't really think so, to be honest - I think it's the wrong path to take from the beginning. Seriously, not to be confrontive, but why practice Aikido that way if the goal (and "great technique") is to eliminate the pain, why not learn how to do that, properly, from the beginning? (Although I admit, you're right, most Aikido is indeed practiced that way....)
I think, for me at least, I am trying to learn how not to do that from the beginning.
However, the process involves mistakes, missteps, trial/error etc. Unfortunately, the journey of refining technique implies that you are starting off with something rough, and trying to temper it out into something refined.
Something rough in my experience sometimes involves taking a hard nikkyo. It isn't ideal to give or take a hard nikkyo, but it happens every now and then as you work to refine the technique. Everyone trips up every now and then. When we do, there's pain to show us that we aren't doing it quite right.
Babies fall down as they learn to walk.(heck grown men trip every now and then.)
Again, my opinion, its the birthing pangs of refinement in this instance.

However, IMHO, a lot of Aikido out there only focuses to train with pain. The pain compliance is a crutch for a lot of Aikido out there. There are too many people I run into that are gobsmacked when you say "Painless Nikkyo" or what not.

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