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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 18

None of those points are my concern here. They don't really discuss the issues of origins and the possibilities of Takeda being actually morally upstanding in a) crediting the true source and b) winding up being the possesser of definable skills that were never really a ryu per se, but were none the less a defined indoor teaching to which he gave credit.
By separating out his technical art specific studies from what could have Bernath family skill/teaching in aiki, we end up in a different direction.
It is at least a theory that joins several known facts into a reasonable, and cohesive explanation.
I guess I took exception to us having to look at internals studied within established arts; yagyu, yoshin ryu, then of all things Ueshiba studying a separate stand alone internal method....and did little to examine a theory that makes even more sense.

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