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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 18

If you look at Sagawa, Kodo, Ueshiba, and Takeda in their perspective outward physical expressions of the martial arts they chose, you find there are a myriad of outward physical differences. Internally, they all had aiki to some level.

Each one stated that aiki is formless. Aiki is making the opponent powerless. Ueshiba is quoted as stating, "I am aiki".

If you define aiki as a method of rebuilding a human body into a very martially effective human body, then everything that these giants of aiki have said becomes clear.

Going back to Takeda and why he never chose to be called soke, etc. It really is logical. Being the head of a system has quite a lot of responsibilities, including curriculum, ranking, and membership concerns. It is typically associated with a style or school of martial arts. And in that view, each style or school had some outward physical difference to set it apart, plus the differing principles of each one.

However, aiki transcends schools and styles. It is the base upon which the outward physical movements and the principles should be expressed. Aiki is integrated with rebuilding the human body and not with a martial principle or physical method as expressed by schools and systems.

In other words, Kito ryu is not Takenouchi ryu is not Yagyu Shingan ryu is not Itto ryu, etc. Anyone training in one can readily see the differences in the others. A trainee in one learns principles specific to that ryu. Sometimes those overlap and sometimes they are unique. Some ryu develop curriculum to negate other ryu. As has been noted by experienced people, being in more than one ryu is very tough.

But, aiki ... no matter what ryu, no matter what martial way, no matter what BJJ one does, it can all be done with or without aiki. One can learn YSR, stop, go learn Kito ryu, stop go learn BJJ, go learn whatever because "you are aiki". You/aiki is one and the same. As you do a martial art, you do so either with or without aiki.

How can anyone call themselves soke of aiki? IMO, it cannot be done.

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