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Re: Training fees

I think fees should be involved. My dojo has to pay rent for two locations (dojo and the room downstairs where we all change in). Not to mention they have to pay for heat, AC for the downstairs room (no AC in the dojo), electricity, etc. Not to mention the making up of costs from purchasing mats, weapons, etc.

I have always been told that the money is more for the location and upkeep of the dojo. Not for the actual knowledge itself. Both of the dojo's I have trained at have offered a price adjustment in times of need. My previous dojo would allow you to clean or such. My current dojo can offer students scholarships to continue training in times of hardship. Both of my sensei's have also had to have a job outside of the dojo. Let's face it, there aren't too many instructor's who can make it by with just teaching aikido.

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