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Re: "Transparent Power" Book

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Interesting part of the book (thanks Steven!) is where it states that learning to become hard to throw is much easier than learning to throw someone else. This ties in to the current yonkyo thread ( where it's easy to learn to cancel out a joint lock.
True, Funny to read the comment in the other thread where that guy relegated that to "resistance" and "jin" huh? It is interesting to see where others are coming from in there training. I'm not saying a word
So as you know, there are things that are the other side of the same coin that simply work in defense or offense that rely on the principle of non-resistance. but he doesn't discuss even some very basic things that could have been spelled out. I think it is very interesting that he chose not to discuss principles that have a high percentage of success. Think of what's up on my site right now. Think of that in sword and stick, no way in....against "no-resistance." Why didn't he talk about that since we now know he taught it?

It would also be interesting to see how far he took or knew about creating a center outside the body that you can control, walk through and around. He never spoke about that either but it is the flip side of "sustaining" kuzushi on contact. That's some of the key questions I would have loved to have tested him on. He hinted at some things but completely ignored or failed to mention things I think are more important. It would have been fascinating to have felt how he responded to the same conditioning model expressed more fully in active cancellation and reversal and whether he went there or not? He never discussed it. At least he got it out there that the key wasn't ever the waza in the first place, even though it won't change anything for the majority it opened the eyes of some.
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