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You never know he may go for the well defended type?

I dunno maybe your just good looking and ppl want to be with you, Have you considered a carrer in film? you could be a good looking female segal ? or maybe not as lame


Well actualy being asked out in the middle of a technique is better then being asked

"So do you fancy coming back to my Plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......SMASH.....Ow"

just imagine if you had accepted and fallen in love in ten maybe twenty years time when the kids are watching and your both fighting

"Mum's thrown dad through the window again"

"yeah well he did try for a Yonkyo."

"yeah s'pose yer right really"


like having your brains smashed out by a slice of lemon wrapped round a large gold brick. - The hitchhikers guide to the galaxy on the Pan-galactic Gargleblaster!
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