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Re: Life Question - Harming Another Human Being

Unless I misunderstand what you wrote...yielding to me as you wrote it implies that there exist a imperative that you always must "give" or "allow" your opponent to have ground.

It could be that this is a good strategy at times..that is, to give up some ground, yield, or allow space in order to gain a greater good.

I do not think though, that this is alway required, nor the smart/right/just...or necessarily the most compassionate choice or solution set.

It maybe be better to enter immediately, to stop before it starts, keep him off balance, never let him launch an attack, or to attack yourself in a decisive manner.

again, I think that Aikido, or better yet the techniques we see in aikido, many times get translated into some ethical solution set that allows us to resolve conflict in a prescribed manner.

Technique is technique. There is a spectrum of violence, escalation of force..etc.

Our job/goal/mission/ethical to explore that spectrum, understand it, and to make ourselves and competent as possible so we can make the best decision possible when we need to.

Of course, we should always strive for minimal force necessary.

THat though does not necessarily translate into yielding or giving up ground.

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