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Re: Aikido and the politics of violence

Neil Mick wrote:
but the question remains: what role do we, as practitioners of an art of harmony and peace, have in ending violence committed in our name? What role do we, as seekers of peace, play in stopping the violence...even as that violence occurs when we do nothing?
IMHO, one of the things I like about Aikido is its active acceptance and confrontation of violence. Aikido does not run away or freeze. Aikido recognizes it, and attempts to stop and control it.

Passificism is what bullies depend on. Its what keeps many people psychologically victims. Violence is often perpetuated by those who only spectate and criticize rather than partcipate in the process.

Warriors do not necessarily fight because they hate the enemy but because they love the people they stand watch over.

If ever time you let your uke up, they go and rape/murder your family, ultimately the most loving thing you can do is stop them.

Violence and control are always fear based. What is it we are afraid of?

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