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Re: Seiza pain?

If you are talking about the bottom of your foot (the sole of the foot) and it is tender to palpation from the junction of the toes all the way to the heel and seems to be worse at the heel and hurts especially first thing in the morning but seems to get better after you walk on it for a while but then seems to get worse as you walk on it through the day you just described "Plantar Fasciitis"

Check it on out on the internet.

Do see your doctor for evaluation.

In the meantime consider Motrin 3 times a day with food and use an ice pack or ice roller daily to cool it down and use good arch supports. Avoid walking barefoot except in the Dojo.

Again, do see your doctor, you may have something else and may need xrays or podiatry evaluation.

Doc Randy

(free advice from a practicing ER doctor)

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