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Ledyard Sensei,
Well I have to admit that I did indeed vote, and I'm not an intructor - but I'm not most juniors either!
My thinking on the matter was that my Aikido is probably 1/3 spiritual - where it combines with my Taoism to give me stability and flexibility both within and in my dealing with others. The other 2/3 is more physical - but half of that is ukemi, either in taking ukemi in the often meant sense of falling in a safe and controlled manner or in the sense of fostering a unique connection with the person who wishes to enter into conflict with me.
The third that's left, in my mind, would probably need some form of atemi - whether it's stamping on their instep, an elbow in the ribs or something as innocuous as blowing a raspberry (well it IS a distracting blow )..

Hopefully that makes some sort of sense, and more to the point gels with the experience of the more experienced Aikidoka here..


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