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Re: Life Question - Harming Another Human Being

Graham Jenkins wrote:

The point of aikido techniques is that you don't badly damage your 'opponent' - there isn't even an opponent, in fact: you are meant to yield to the other person, which necessitates having compassion for them.
Hey Graham. I disagree with this actually.

I don't think Aikido is pre-deposed to yeilding or not yeilding either way. It simply is what it is and covers both spectrums.

Of course, much in our practice is designed I think to show us the SPECTRUM of possibilities. Which is what I really think the practice is all about...a complete education....or at least IMO it should be.

I think that showing compassion does not always mean yielding or avoiding conflict or violence.

Spent alot of my time pondering on this and reading. Even the Dali Lama states that compassion is a very complex, deep, and personal issue that is not so black and white.

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