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My thanks to all the comments so far. I didn't mean to sound rude or ungrateful to my sensei, and I do manage to pay my dues every month and sit out when I cannot afford it. My main reason for posting was that I thought it would be acceptable to make exceptions depending on the individuals situation. As for the "teaching free" comment, i didn't mean to sound high and mighty about it. I merely have always wanted to teach the arts, and would be happy to instruct others without charge if I could. I've helped at a couple places before, and have tried numerous times to get an aikido club together, etc...However, from the responses I've gathered that full payment is necessary if nothing else but to keep Sensei's honor in tact by not trying to cheat him or work deals that would cause friction amongst other students. Although it would never be my intention to cause any disrespect to Sensei, even if he were to say that one could train at discount or free for a short period of time, it would comprimise his integrity for making exceptions. Thank you again for words of wisdom, and I will keep them in mind for future reference.
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