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Re: Life Question - Harming Another Human Being

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
What Marc said...and Keith! lol!

Oh, btw, I'm a hard core Vegetarian boarding on Vegan.

I also have no issue with dealing with folks that need to go away permanently.

Unfortunately, there are some very bad people in the world.


well it could be semantics. I definitely don't WANT to kill anyone that doesn't need killing. However, some people NEED to be killed as they are very bad, and I really WANT to do that if they NEED it.

How does that impact my Kharma? Well, it does, but I sleep well at night. I try and make sure to live a good life that is balanced and I try to live right and compassionately.

I think the world Needs people that are willing to stick up for the oppressed, weak, and seemingly helpless and show them that there is hope.

Unfortunately, in this day and age not everyone cares that we want to be peaceful and compassionate.

I hope that one day we can have a world in which everyone can get along and there is no need for violence, harm, or killing.

I think/hope that Aikido represents a meaningful way in order to teach us to be strong, have courage, and to look deeper into understanding the hard/tough issues. I also hope it gives us courage to resolve to act in the right manner when this needs to occur. We need people that are able to do this in the world.

I think that philosophically one day, that the world will not need aikido anymore once we have transcended conflict. Budo/AIkido is a bridge.

Unfortunately, I also think that alot of folks misinterpret and develop revisionistic visions of what it means to resolve conflict and begin to think that all conflict can be resolved peacefully.

A noble thought, but not realistic in today's world.

The life giving sword is much more complex I think, than most want to requires much more than simply a presence. It requires a WILLINGNESS to do Harm in order to STOP harm.
Great post Kevin. Worth putting the whole thing here again! Thanks.


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