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Basia Halliop
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Re: Training fees

Someone's got to keep the place running: to pay the rent and utilities, etc... why would it make more sense for it to just come out of the instructor's pocket? He's already contributing hours and hours of his time; should he have to give us everything else too? OK, maybe if he's fairly well-off and wants to donate this all as a gift, but it's hardly something I would think is fair to _expect_. I think if we all want to have a dojo, we all have to work together to make it so...

And as far as cleaning and teaching and helping new people and the like, I've always understood that that was part of the deal anyway... those are just normal responsibilities of more senior students. They don't actual lower the financial costs of running a dojo.

It's a bit more like being a member of a club or of a co-op, then buying something from a business. Everyone gains, but everyone has to contribute too... and part of what's needed is money.

If the head of the dojo can afford to I suppose it's up to him if he wants to personally subsidize a promising or long-standing student going through some hard times... but that's what it would be... someone is still paying those costs, they don't just disappear.
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