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Keith Larman
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Re: Training fees

As I told one particularly talkative customer, information is free. I have no problem answering questions, teaching, etc. However, my *time* is valuable to me. And if the time spent becomes significant it will impact my ability to support myself and my family. So the issue becomes not that I am charging for information, but I cannot afford to spend all my time answering your questions just because you want to know.

To me it boils down to this. Is it that you feel entitled to free training? Or is it that you think those who are trained have an obligation to share without monetary compensation? While you may feel entitled to training there may not anyone who feels obligated to give it to you for free.

On the issue of working things out, most dojo I've experienced are flexible and try to accommodate serious students. I've also seen some serious abuses by asshats who certainly could afford to pay at normal rates who abused relationships to get a free ride. And often they justified it by saying "information should be free".

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