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Re: Life Question - Harming Another Human Being

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
There is no need to eat animals, so I don't. It is really that simple for me.
I totally agree: it's that simple for me too - why kill when you don't have to?

I'd probably disagree about killing deer to 'control the population': the biggest population control 'we' have is that of the human population, but to control that in such a manner would be - largely - seen as abhorrent...then there's the 'population' of captive animals raised for food - those billions are the ones really harming the planet/human race, and the human race has deliberately, unrepentantly brought about that population.
I mean, the 'meat industry' can be argued against solely on the grounds that these people are a threat to my life and my 'race': i.e., I wonder what the next 'flu' variety will be...

But I digress...
I'm just of the mentality where I cannot square going to aikido training, where I am learning to care for the most harmful people - those who try to take my life, theoretically - with going and eating a steak (or whatever piece of carcass) afterwards: i've just spent hours learning to care for others, and preaching the futility and abhorrence of killing, only to go and eat a corpse for a bit of fun/convenience.
It seems entirely counter-productive to me, and aikido - like everything that I do - has some meaning to me.

Anyway: go vegan, man - you'll save more animals!
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