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Re: Training fees

Donovan Faulkenbury wrote: View Post
However, if one would offer their services in helping to maintain and keep the dojo running smoothly, and helping to teach the lower ranks and "noobs", I feel that they could come in at least once or twice a month
How can you learn aikido in you only train once or twice a month?

How is an instructor or dojocho to know that you are fit to help teach the "noobs" if you don't train regularly?

How can you be deemed reliable to assure the smooth running of the dojo (a series of tasks usually done by regular, paying dojo members, although, yes, believe it or not, there ARE dojos that will offer reduced fees for a solid work committment)?

Finally...unless one is talking about some kind of community service setting, why shouldn't money be involved in the teaching of the art? I have never taught painting or sewing without either money or equivalent barter, and wouldn't unless it was specifically as a volunteer for a specific nonprofit targeting some specific population of students.

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