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Re: Training fees

We once had a visiting instructor ask us what we paid for our training. Someone quoted the montly dues and someone else mentioned testing and seminar fees and so on. The instructor laughed. He said, "Your monthly dues are not paying for Aikido lessons, they pay for the facility you train in, the mats you train on, the heat and electricity." "What you personaly pay for your Aikido lessons is the blood sweat and tears."

The rent has to be paid. Test fees have to be paid, association fees have to be paid. Aikido should be free?

What about the instructor that does it for a living? Should he/she teach for free. How will he/she pay the bills support their family?

Should you have to pay full dues? Why shouldn't you have to pay full dues? Should you have to pay the full amount of your rent or car payment or should they give you some leeway?

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