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Training fees

I'm not too sure where this should go, so I figured "general" was as good as any. Now, I've come across this situation many times, not just myself, but in helping friends and talking to others. I'm not sure how it is around other places, but where I am, it seems that nobody wants to cut slack. Now, I recently found one place that said they would would with me, or anyone in a tight situation, but I haven't yet been there so I cannot say for sure if they hold true to their word, although I'd hope they did. Anywho, I know that places need money to keep the lights on, water running, etc...but it seems that money has gotten in the way of the art. If you can't pay, you can't learn, and this concept seems wrong to me. Now, if one were to walk in and demand free lessons, this of course would be absurd. However, if one would offer their services in helping to maintain and keep the dojo running smoothly, and helping to teach the lower ranks and "noobs", I feel that they could come in at least once or twice a month. If I were certified I would run a free program at the youth center or some such. So, what does everyone else think? Should you HAVE to pay full dues to learn, or should the dojo be able to help you out? Not mandatory, obviously, but some leeway, nonetheless. I'm sorry if I have not worded my statements properly, so if you have any in depth questions that need to be asked before a proper response is given, feel free. Arigato Gozaimasu
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