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Amir Krause
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Re: Aikido - Is there Randori? Is Aikido a Workout?

Larry Camejo wrote: View Post

T I am not sure of any other Aikido method that removes the Uke/Tori relationship in this manner.
Hi Larry

There is something very similar yet different to the Shodokan \ Tomiki Randori in Korindo Aikido. the main difference: Korindo Randori is not competitive, hence - we do not use full force, but do use variations disallowed in Shodokan \ Tomiki. Similarly to your style, reversals are allowed and the Uke and Tori roles switch continuously.
I once played with friend who learns Shodokan \ Tomiki Aikido (he returned to Israel from Japan for a visit) and it was a lot of fun. Though I did have a feeling of him trying to force techniques by strength and speed while I think he found it weird I was using techniques and variations discouraged in his Randori.

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