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Randy Sexton
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Re: Aikido - Is there Randori? Is Aikido a Workout?

I'm a member of the ASU which is headed up by Saotome Sensei and we do have a good emphasis on Randori (free attacks with one or more attackers, most commonly three people.
We also have in our dojo times that are slower and not as aerobic but as a general rule of thumb my dogi is soaked when I finish the class. I also have lost about 50 pounds in the past 3 years and usually get a hell of an aerobic workout.
If I want to work up to a more active workout I simply increase the frequency and speed of my attacks which keeps the Nage on his toes! I keep in mind who I am working with and adjust my speed according the ability of my Nage. For neebie I move very slowly and help guide them through the technique by my Ukemi and with the Sandan we can get it on!
Whe I get home my dogi automatically goes into the washer and I get into the shower.

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