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David Yap
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Re: Minimum Testing Requirements/Guidelines

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
Trained 7-eleven with whom? I think it's been established that it wasn't with the founder, at least not in Tokyo.

And is there any articles, evidence, etc to uphold that the training was all day, long days, etc with the founder?

In Iwama ... What exactly was the training schedule like?

According to this web site, things certainly were much different than many people have put forth:

Q: Who among the Senseis today have been uchi deshis?

A: Well, if you speak of Senseis like; Yamada, Tamura, Tohei, Saotome and Kanai they all are students of Kisshomaru Ueshiba. They never went to Iwama and practised for O-Sensei. Chiba Sensei once stayed in Iwama for 3 months.

I think all this "those guys trained 16 hour days for years and years" stuff is getting kind of old. At some point, it would be nice to have people actually research this. There are interviews that state portions of the training schedule, how long training with the founder actually was, etc.

Instead of perpetuating myths, it would be nice to know exact information. Or at least as close as possible ...

K, you made your point. I was out by 3 months for Chiba sensei's internship at Iwama.

Your definition of uchideshi seems to indicate that those who studied with O Sensei at Iwama were the ones counted, anywhere else were not. Are you indicating that the materials loaded on the wikipedia regarding the USAF shihans are not accurate by your definition?

Bear in mind that lay guys like me have internet resources to our research. By your indication, these shihans moved up the ranks at a very short period compared to today's standard, would you not agree that the ranks they were given were appropriate to their skillset at that time?

You will save us much time searching for the answers since you have already done the research.


David Y
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