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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 18

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Peter - just out of curiosity - is there available a timeline of Tanomo's time here and there. I wonder how it would juxtipose with a timeline of Takeda Sokaku.
The only detailed one I have is on pp.209-232 of the book I cited in my review essay. It is a chart with categories covering Tanomo's life and family, han events and politics, national events and politics. It starts in 1830, with Tanomo aged one, and actually ends in 1923, with Saigo Shiro recieving 6th dan from the Kodokan. The author is Setsuo Hotta.

"Hotta Setsuo has produced a facsimile edition of Sei'un-ki, the handwritten autobiographical memoir of Saigo Tanomo, with a printed version and extensive annotations. (掘田節夫,『会津藩老・西郷頼母自叙伝「栖雲記」私注』, 1993, 東京書籍.)"

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