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Scott Harrington
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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 18

Regarding Ellis's "gokui of gokui"

While I disagree 'some' (and sometimes alot!) with many Amdur conclusions, and get frustrated with information probably transmitted over a sake (but that is the Japanese way) that cannot be 'scholarly' researched, his excellent writings always shape an argument. And on the "gokui of gokui" he has hit it out of the ballpark.

Having acquired a turn of the century (I guess two ago) Japanese work on internal aspects of the martial arts, I luckily had a Taiwanese friend do a brief look over. Interesting, he described reading it as a fuzzy picture with remarkable clear areas (the old kanji). His Japanese grammar lack precluded a finer view - I am attempting a better reading from multiple sources.

But one phrase (which I now use as a catch word for the unexplainable) struck him in the reading as odd at first, but of course makes much sense. "Ogi no Ogi" stood out to describe the inner aspects of body manipulation.

Secret of the Secrets

And it was documented.

Not hinted at, not some talked about scene remembered, but written down of a method to make things work - better. Or even betterer or perhaps bestest.

Ellis made mention once of a secret being as visible as your eyebrows (I mangle the saying - somebody?), and having pointed out, I believe, ripples like a spreadsheet influencing all results, some subtle and some quite pronounced.

So, another run on the scoreboard. Backed by writing. Let's all do the wave.

Scott Harrington -

next post on how I am a white belt in the internal arts, shown some spooky stuff (said to be just the beginning), and need to write a really nice letter and travel 2500 miles to take a new path in my training. Thanks MM.
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