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Re: Minimum Testing Requirements/Guidelines

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
Still wondering how the hell this turned into an indictment of me as a diluter of aikido, by people who don't know anything about me,
Sorry, Mary. English is certainly not my mother tongue, so maybe I didn't make myself clear. I do not mean you are a diluter of the art. What I mean is that yes, we should care about how people train, because those people will be the teachers of tomorrow, if you get my point. If these future teachers / instructors / sensei / whatever train very lightly, never caring about martial effectiveness (whatever that means), they will certainly teach a diluted version of the art.

It goes the other way too. There's a group in my place of the world that's mixing Kyokushinkai Karate and Aikikai Aikido. Well, we call what they do Aikido Kyokushinkai, so go figure how big time they changed the art. Not diluted, but transformed in a different animal altogether. Not good to the art too...
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