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Since Jun in his wisdom has opted for another controversial poll, I'd be ineterested in finding out a bit more about the backgrounds of the respondents. Are they instructors, with whom did they train, do they think Aikido is a martial art or not, ....?

It is quire clear from the responses that there is no real agreement about this subject. Just look at that spread!

I suppose that most junior people will simply vote for whatever number seems to correspond with the instruction that they get from their own teachers. But amongst the instructors... If you say that there is little or no atemi in Aikido is that because you don't believe that application of technique for self defense is real Aikido or do you think that you can defend yourself with Aikido technique without atemi?

If you voted for more atemi, does that mean that atemi needs to create pain nad / or dysfunction or is there another use of atemi? Are there people out there who see the locking techniques of Aikido as alternative forms of atemi?

I notice that only around 40% of the respondents think that atemi is over 50% of Aikido. Does that mean that those who believe it has less importance think that they could do an Aikido locking technique on someone like myself who is experienced without using atemi? Or does it mean that any suggestion of competition isn't Aikido and therefore the whole question is bogus?

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