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alexander lahman
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Talking Aikido - Is there Randori? Is Aikido a Workout?


My name is Alex, I'm new to the forum and wanted to ask a couple of questions on Aikido.
First off, I'm a brown belt in Judo who will be moving soon. I found a Judo dojo in the city I plan to move to, but it only has class once a week. In an effort to fill in more nights I looked for more dojos. I found Brazilian Jujitsu, which isn't too far off from Judo and inquired about their schedule. They have class often, but make you sign a year long contract to pay $100/month... So, I continued my search and came across an Aikido dojo. They offer a decent amount of classes and at a very reasonable price. I have been researching Aikido a little since then and from what I've seen, it's similar to Judo in many ways. I am pretty much sold on the art, but I wanted to know if there was any sort of Randori (free practice) in Aikido. That was probably my favorite part of Judo, it allowed me to practice my techniques and increase my endurance. Is Aikido more like Tai Chi, or can I get a bit of a workout from it? I'm sold either way, but I'm trying to get my roommate interested as well. Thanks
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