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Re: Minimum Testing Requirements/Guidelines

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...nor do you know anything about how I train, except that it's neither as if I'm about to die nor as if I'm at a pajama party. In that, I suspect I'm like the large majority of posters on aikiweb.

Still wondering how the hell this turned into an indictment of me as a diluter of aikido, by people who don't know anything about me,
I'm certainly not calling you a duluter. lol
I think the vast majority of the Aikido world aren't Aikiflowers, but they aren't diluted into believing that they are actually Samurai either.

My only point is that we can't assume anything about people on the internet. People might not be who they say they are, so "correcting your under class men" is pointless on the internet, especially when you don't know who it is you are criticizing in the first place.

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