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Re: signing a contract

Maggie Schill wrote: View Post
A black belt at hombu means something different than it does in the states.
Ah, ok. And thank you!
It seems a black belt or at least nidan/sandan also mean something different than over here in Germany.

At Hombu they receive shodan around the same time we receive 3rd kyu in the states.
Aha. I reached 3rd kyu after three years. This is a typical time.
I became shodan after 10 years.I was a little slow. Most people here need 6 to 8 years.

To the western world black belt has a connotation of "mastery" , thus the standards for many western federations are higher for black belt.
Well in our federation (Endo Sensei / Tissier Sensei) kyu grades are seen as maybe "preparation" and shodan to yondan are understood as "student-grades".

I'm sandan now after 16 years of practice. So I think sandan here is "nothing special".
In the US it is, right?

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