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Basia Halliop
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Re: Does one's size or weight affect one's Aikido?

It sounds like Sugino was originally at a disadvantage
"At first, Sugino was unable to win against any of his opponents because of his small size. "That was truly a difficult time for me," he recalls."

but trained and eventually developed sufficiently good technique to defeat larger opponents by being _more skilled_ than them...

Makes sense... what would be a disadvantage against someone _equally_ skilled can be a very good motivator and tool to help a person to become _more_ skilled....

I remember being told something similar the first time I went rock climbing... those with a lot of upper body strength sometimes get by at the beginning by dragging themselves up on their arms, then eventually find when they encounter more challenging routes that that isn't enough... those who are less strong are often forced out of necessity to develop balance and skill earlier in the learning process. I don't think it _always_ works that way in Aikido, but as someone smaller I like to hope so .
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