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Re: Romantic Feelings for a Girl at the Dojo

In aikido, we have a regular, physical and fairly intimate relationship of a kind usually restricted to our families, with a bunch of people we'd otherwise not know in that way.
For people who may not be used to physical contact outside - or even in - their families, I can see how it might be difficult at times to differentiate between practice/connection and feelings of love/attachment.
One of the aspects of training that I really appreciate is the chance to deal physically with other human beings. That's just how I grew up ("Dogpile!!!") and a way that I like to relate to the world.... and it does not present itself much in the workday.
And then there are those ukes that you just swing with, perfectly, and beautiful things happen. They just "fit." It's a special relationship, again, not of the "let's get it on"-type, but it is definitely close and intimate.
Just one of the many ways that aikido works to make the world a better place!
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