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Re: Ki Aikido - quote from Gleason Sensei

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Well, I am trying to be a gentleman about it.
Some of these guys have paid their dues and then some.
I am trying to offer them an environment where they can play. As one guy says "It's like Graduate school for aikido teachers".,.another says "I feel like I don't have to represent and I can just play with the boys again." Some people like Ikeda and can put on a white belt and go play with systema or Ushiro, others don't have that freedom. So I am trying to make a place to let their hair down and learn and play. There are no techniques to learn and everyone enters in to the work as equals-hell I don't even allow budo T-shirts.
As I said I have hope, but I am not niave about some of the ego driven agendas that also exist.

I have nothing positive to say about that. As soon as I saw segal doing a pressure point cross-face as some sort of MMA "finishing move" I threw up, the rest of it is about at the same level. . .
Like Bruce Lee and will speak for itself. .
Dan, I agree. Anyone that thinks there is nothing to learn from others is no one I want to be around. At 65 and all broken up and 45 years of Aikido I look forward to the day we can be on the mat together I am sure the work you have done will help me and maybe my experiences will offer something back. We should never stop learning or reaching out. I have known Bill for a long time and his experiences discovering Aikido, and other endeavors, have been wholehearted and diligent to say the least. I have a few well trained and high ranking karate and judo guys at the dojo and they keep me honest because they will not bustardise (sp?) their training just to make me look good. I wish I could train like the old days but the 5th lumbar vertebra is detached on both sides and the 4 & 5th are broken on both sides plus all the other crap. I'm looking for ways to do old things in new ways now days. I look to guys like Bill you and others who have spent a good deal of their training on ceratin aspects of the arts

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