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Re: Does one's size or weight affect one's Aikido?

Well since we are making extreme arguments without much balance.....

Szczepan Janczuk wrote: View Post
I have average weight but as a uke I can be very heavy and redistribute a power of the aikido technique to degree zero. If you give me 100 pounds more it becomes scary to think how I can use this additional weight…
Well, are you making the statement that using weight is always the same thing?
I have had men who outweight me by 60 pounds or so, stare at me like a deer in headlights when their familiar gambit of dropping their weight in to the opponent proved meaningless! Thankfully I've gotten better over the years as I lost more of the muscle mass I used to have.
Perhaps there is more to using it, more to knowing how to cancel it out then a discussion of mere weight would imply?
Perhaps there was more to it than just "technique" as well!
Also I tend to separate the legends from reality of training.
I did the opposite. Thankfully for me I separated the "reality of training" of the majority of all of the martial artists I have met in their respective arts...for the brilliance of the legends.
Someone knew exactly what they were talking wasn't us!
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