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Gary Small
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Re: Teaching Aikido to Children Seminar - 2010

I am posting a letter to Aviv . I strongly recommend that any one who teaches Aikido to children participate in the next event of this type! it was a great event socially and educationally.


I have been busy and excited since I returned from for the Aiki Kodomo Kenshukai seminar last weekend. I want to thank you again for including me as a presenter. I am profoundly struck by your vision and the reality you are creating. It is truly amazing to bring many diverse aikido worlds together. It was wonderful to have so many people with different lineages all working together to put the unifying principles of aikido and O sensei's vision in practice.
I remember asking a teacher many years ago what style of aikido they taught and the response was "Aikido is Aikido". I love the way that sounds and this event was a great way for all of us to practice with this spirit.
There was a great deal of positive energy and information shared. There were some truly gifted aikido teachers and the format was wonderful. I was struck with the compassion and passion of the main presenters. The classes were chock full of great ideas and images.
I had a great time teaching the Saturday morning class! The kids and adults who participated in the class were great fun. I think it was great to have the adults participate in the classes with the kids, it felt very much like the class was full of big kids and small kids.
You at one point asked us to share our one goal from the weekend. I think there were so many things to think about and I intend to use and implement lots of what we covered. I think one I have taken to heart is your view of outreach to those who might not be able to afford Aikido and I will be putting a policy together to do more of this out reach.
If there was any miss it was that not every organization was represented in the teaching and I know it was not your plan.
Congratulations again on the amazing dojo you have built! it is a fantastic facility, beautiful and functional. The setting is remote and yet it is accessible and it seems like it was always meant to be there. The dormitories and kitchen make it a great place for events! I wish you and the dojo membership happy training ! Oh, I must not forget the O sensei calligraphy very cool!

Gary Small
Aikido of Maine
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