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Re: Does one's size or weight affect one's Aikido?

I believe topic is not about being overweight.

As you can see i.e. in judo or Olympic wrestling, there are the weight categories. The reason is simple: more there is a body-to-body contact, more weight counts. In aikido we have far less contact, but still, some static techniques requires a lot of contact to unbalance attacker. Particularly we can see it in front or rear both hands grab attacks, or chokes. As not everyone is able to create a dynamism even from static attacks, as long you are not doing 'aikido before contact' (TM), you are in disadvantage compared to equally trained heavier attacker.

Shorter aikidoka has a big advantage compared to tall one - aikido was created by VERY short man. Usually, from technical point of view, to be able to take attacker center with ones own center require to enter under the level of his hips. And most of aikido techniques are based on this principle.Only for this reason, I believe it is a very big challenge to learn aikido for tall and very tall ppl.

If I combine size and weight, the perfect combination is short, heavy aikidoka. Just like O sensei LOL


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