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Re: signing a contract

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I know the testing requirement sheet says 600 days, but I've met people who just went two years between Shodan and nidan, regardless of hours.
Huh. Wouldn't happen where I train.

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Also the testing hour requirements were just changed this year. The hours were shortened for some of the ranks. They also added the 6th kyu .
What hours were the ranks shortened for? I know that 5th kyu used to be 60 hours instead of 40 (the only one that I know that changed), but then, it also used to be the first rank. Train for 20 hours and then test for sixth, train for 40 more and then test for fifth, OR train for 60 hours and then test for fifth, doesn't seem to make any difference in terms of the time it takes you to get there.

Edit: just read your second link. Yeah, that's a big difference at 1st kyu and shodan, all right. Who knows, I might make shodan in this lifetime!

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