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Re: signing a contract

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Only two years, seriously? Based on the USAF hours requirements, going from shodan to nidan is 600 days minimum -- just barely doable if you train pretty much every day of those two years. More realistically, given the availability of classes and life requirements, I figure a fairly committed student might -- might do 200 days of training (averaging 4 days a week) in a year. Has anyone who wasn't an uchideshi gone from shodan to nidan in a two-year timeframe?
I know the testing requirement sheet says 600 days, but I've met people who just went two years between Shodan and nidan, regardless of hours.
Also the testing hour requirements were just changed this year. The hours were shortened for some of the ranks. They also added the 6th kyu . However i think they purposely are pointing out that you NEED 600 days, not 2 years now. Because like i said a lot of people were going at the 2 year mark.

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