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Re: Does one's size or weight affect one's Aikido?

To close with you Dave, and it has been a pleasure reading and exchanging ideas. For the sake of those wondering or concerned with their weight in terms of Aikido, those being 100+ pounds over, and depending on weight, skeletal, tendon, muscle structures of the person could affect a person's ability to do Aikido-within the general model of how Aikido technique should be done. But that would also be true for a tall people say a height past 6' 5."

I believe that article I read about O'Sensei was a fabrication a commonly held perception that size equates to strength when overcome others, as modeled by Sumo, and the laws of physics. And that the "idea" that a person has to be at of an idea weight and shape will affect your Aikido positively is a myth. Per O'Sensei and his top Aikidoka, we see know to exact "ki power" -being defined as physics employed at a high level where muscle strength is out of the equation-has nothing to do directly with BMI. The limitations of movement with someone who is 100+ lbs can interfere, but so does something like arthritis, or other aliments.

Dave, it has been a pleasure and I hope we have provided those reading this post who are concerned with weight will have more information to make decisions about their Aikido development.
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