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Thomas Campbell
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Re: Lesson with Akuzawa Minoru

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If anything seemed vague or I am dependent on traveling to someone or them traveling to me to get correction and ensure I'm even training the right thing in the first place, it seems like a losing battle that can't be won. At least if it is broken down to where I think I logically understood what someone was trying to teach me, I can measure improvement and diagnose my own problems way easier in the in-between times - because the person took the consideration to teach me how to teach myself.

But if it's just - here, do a bunch of these and then come see me in a year - the probability of me screwing something up badly will be nigh on 100%. Wasted effort for me, wasted effort for the teacher.
Agreed--especially where the teacher is still developing the system and how it is taught.

One possible bridge between solo drifting for long periods and regular training in the teacher's home dojo is finding decent, committed training partners who have exposure to some of the same concepts and training that you're working on. Without that, this work can become a solipsistic nightmare.
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