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R.A. Robertson
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Re: Aikido and the Path to Better Horsemanship


You touch on some absolutely essential topics. I know several instructors who abdicate their responsibilities as teachers, preferring instead to think of themselves as "partners," "fellow students," or whatever serves their idea of "equality." These are all well and good, and in no way exclusive for a good teacher. But what students really need, is a teacher unafraid to guide, to correct, and to criticize.

But people, like horses, will wander off for easier pastures if the opportunity is available. If there is another "teacher" in town whose aim is only to make things seem easy, to always make students feel good at the expense of real progress, then many will favor that over real discipline.

Aikido is for everyone. But I'm still not confident that everyone is ready for aikido.

Very nice article, and thank you.

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