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Re: Tenkan - advanced

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push directly into my hip, say a 240 pound man using a two hand push directly into my hip to keep it planted. I then try turning it toward him and I am stuck and cannot move. Next I initiate movement from the waist/kua and turn inside paying attention just as much to turning away as turning toward. Typically I bounce them out, or else I just lift the leg and show how i can kick them or throw them at will and they cannot stop it from happening.
where does the power the push go? to neutralize the push, don't you need to ground it in some way? wouldn't that be your feet? you can contain the power inside your body structure, but it can't only handle so much, since F=ma, mass still applies, as in small person can handle less than larger person. trying to figure out the general force vectors of what you are talking about.
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