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Re: Does one's size or weight affect one's Aikido?

Daniel Lloyd wrote: View Post
I've just been reading another post - Sensei and Size, and it's rather interesting.

So I thought, does being heavier (larger centre) improve one's Aikido?
Due to greater ability to keep weight underside and being more balanced/stable.
As I wrote in the other thread, my experience of training while pregnant (now 6 months) has been to find a better connection with the ground, greater ability to use 'weight underside' and having that extra bit of mass to put behind techniques has improved things for me.

On the downside, I can't take ukemi so easily (bump gets in the way) and will probably have to stop forwards rolls soon, plus getting back up from the ground is so much harder I'm slower than I used to be too.

Balance hasn't been an issue so far - I seem to be keeping up with my changing centre ok

Overall I'd say that once I lose the baby weight and resume training, I'll be back on better form having gained some new insight, but I'll get back to my pre-pregnancy weight (and as near as I can shape!) as overall this is more comfortable for training long-term.

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