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Re: Does one's size or weight affect one's Aikido?

After reading this thread to this point, I want to make a comment. I would prefer to be a greater value to the reader than my mere comment.

It is my understanding the Japanese didn't have the came concept of exercise that the West had prior to WWII as a general marker. Japanese basically trained in their martial art, it wasn't anything as structured or organized, for example, America did round the late 1800's and early 1900's. Or what the German's had prior to WWII. It was a thing called rajio taisō and other things that had caught on with the Japanese after WWII. But before that fitness (achieving a peak physical form) wasn't such an issue, that is. being fat wasn't considered an issue.

Prior to WWII depending on the period in history the Japanese diet was poor or limited, food wasn't as plenty, and stuff like that contributed to some Japanese being thin, but not fit, like muscular. But, I remember reading somewhere that O'Sesnei in his 30's or so was a husky or large man. Implying he was fat. Not obese, just had more than 10% body fat, and a healthy BMI. (I will come anyone who is a qualified expert in the field to correct any of that.)

Yet, on the other hand, for centuries, Japanese martial artists where fat, no, rather obese, and the more obese the better. A martial art allot of people over look is Sumo.

Some contend that being over weight doesn't help your Aikido, and others feel the opposite. But I don't think Aikido is or was, or even designed for any size or shape in particular. If you are medically obese say 100-200 lbs over weight that is a serious medical problem not an Aikido problem.

Yes the Aikidoka with a pot belly (aesthetics) looks less athletic and goes against our ideal of the perfect human. A pot belly Aikidoka is seen as undisciplined and all that negativity stuff. But that isn't or hasn't always been the case for Japanese until Rajio Taisō which got popular along with other cultural stuff happened to get the public to see the athletic japanese is the ideal.

Just some comments.

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