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Hello Rachel,

How is your dojo search/start going?

I am in a similar situation as you, and I live in Brighton.

Unfortunatly a few months back my Sensei, George Symanns passed away from cancer at a too young age of 50. After the shock had warn off a few of us decided it would be a shame to let the school and the spirit of our Sensei die. We thought we owed it to Sensei to pass on the knowledge that was so valuable to us in our daily lives and at least bring the current kyu's up to a level where Sensei wished before he passed. So, at this point I have been teaching out of my backyard, the same way Symanns Sensei did when I first started back in 89. The other two of Sensei's first Shodans are doing the same in Livonia and they now taking on new students.

I like training outside but my main concern is liability insurance for a club. Sensei had never been too concerned about insurance as all the students were word of mouth and we never had a problem. Althought this day and age I'm a little more concerned about suets and such, but I think there are quite a few neighborhood teenagers who would really enjoy Aikido and I really love teaching.

Sorry for the long post. But, what I'm saying a dojo could be as close as your backyard.

Please feel free to drop me a note if you start something or want to come by and throw me around the mat for a few.

Take care and best of luck,

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