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Marc Abrams
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Re: Dogi pants with zipper?

Michael Baraz wrote: View Post
When I saw Bujin Design's dogi pants with the zipper and web belt I knew I would never buy anything else. I am mourning the passing of Bujin as I love Ikeda Shihan and always felt so good about buying from them knowing it was his shop. On a more practical level it turns out they were the only place I could find dogi pants with a zipper. The days of dropping my pants to my knees to go to the bathroom is as distant a memory as training wheels on my first bike.

I've talked with a number of people in the same dilemma. I am wondering if anybody has found a new supplier of pants?

I share your pain! I am considering just buying some zippers and having them put in at my local tailors. I cannot believe that there are no other dogi manufacturers that do not recognize that the zipper is superior idea that has been around for awhile.

Marc Abrams
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