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Re: Ki Aikido - quote from Gleason Sensei

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Since the topic has Bill's name in it, I guess it is OK to talk about him At a recent training session on IP/IS that both Bill and I were at, I asked him if he was still going to do the annual Aikido seminar he generally does in my area in the Fall - he said yes, but more and more, his seminars are focusing on internal basics and not Aikido techniques. This shift of focus was very evident from his last seminar I attended that felt more like a Dan seminar than anything else - of course I felt somewhat at home, but there were many aikidoka there that were simply amazed at Bill's power.

Bill is one of those guys that is quite open about his training- and say what you will, at least he is attempting to share in a way that might help improve the statis quo. He is quite open in saying damn the consequences. His opinions on the subject of how and where fits in to the practice of Aikido™ are his own, his to outline-not mine.

I will be doing an aiki seminar at Bills dojo (probably this fall) for students in Aikido. It will be one of the few-maybe the only-"publicly advertized events" I am going to do this year.
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