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Re: Lesson with Akuzawa Minoru

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Sure a couple of reasons, its something I have been thinking about since the various internal methods talk about moving the body into different positions utilizing pressure.

If all the pressure is released into a strike/throw etc, and pressure is what moves you, it is going to take some time to build it back up again. I assume that being able to maintain some pressure would allow you to do multiple strikes/movements without having to reset the body. Perhaps someone with more chinese martial arts experience can comment if during something like a fajing, all of the pressure is released or not? From my outside observation, it looks like they gather some prior to the next movement, and I wanted to know if they are adding to what is remaining, or if they expend it all.

I also know from my own practice when doing something like the tenchijin/shiko exercise that I leak out a lot of that pressure sensation and have to regather/re-establish it so regular muscle movement creeps back in to transition to the next position. I wanted to have some idea if I was on the right direction or not with having to keep some there at all time.
hi Hunter, Dave. Thanks. That is very interesting. I think I see what you're saying. Do you remember this thread, a while back. What you're talking about reminds me about what MS kindly and insightfully posed as a question, "There's a particular reason to do Shiko, as opposed to say Fune Kogi Undo, but for all practical purposes they're just facets of the same jewel.". here. I took a swag at answering it. not too sure how good i did. it's what i came up with. You're an ee right? I thought of an electrical analog; DC vs AC current. DC is the offset bias pressure, and AC is the circulating pressure. Both need to be built up. DC so that you never run out of pressure; and AC so that you can move and conduct pressure to 1/where you need it and 2/so it stays inside.
those are only my _thoughts_ on this. i do not know; but it kind of fits with my training. depending if we're on the same wavelength (and if or if i'm not out to lunch) this may all be irrelevant..
Your questions on fajin are also my questions. I would appreciate to hear someone knowledgeable on it. I guess so far fajin is an actual instantaneous issuing where it all goes out. but that empty state is of a very small time. that's why not to issue too much. it can hurt you. saw on rsf some of the guys talking about this; and there are rules (1/5 strikes in form practice, and only do it if you will hit the target, etc..etc) in some of the disciplines for how much to do/not do this type of stuff. (...but better to search there ..velly velly intellesting). Josh
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