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Marc Abrams
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Re: signing a contract

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Didn't mean to be odd. I guess I was just wondering if others had similar experiences and what they felt about the whole contract thing. I will try the other dojo.

Nobody views you as odd. I would also strongly suggest that you do not place any sensei on a pedestal This teacher should not be above being accountable to be asked detailed questions about billing issues, class issues...... The dojo is certainly not a democracy, that does not place the Sensei out of bounds to ask questions regarding business policies. I go out of my way to maintain a dialogue with all of my students. It is very important for a teacher/sensei to know where people are at and to listen to suggestions, complaints, compliments,.....

I personally do not favor any contract system and I would have to be given some very persuasive reasons as to why I should implement one. That being said, if a teacher feels that this is a workable business model, then the teacher does have an opportunity to make it work or not work. Many of those contracts do have some exclusion reasons and telling a teacher that certain exclusion reasons would be necessary in order for you to join would be reasonable on your behalf. Things such as relocation, medical reasons.... are some prime examples.

To me, it always boils down to finding the best teacher possible and making a serious commitment to learn from that teacher for as long as I possibly can.

Good Luck,

Marc Abrams
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